Governing Committee

The eikones Graduate School is led by a governing committee of five members composed of the following: three professors from the Graduate School faculty, the program coordinator, and a representative of the doctorate students. 


Governing Committee: 2017-2019

Prof. Ralph Ubl (Chair)

Prof. Markus Wild

Prof. Markus Klammer

Dr. Malika Maskarinec (Managing Director and Program Coordination)

Katharina Brandl (Student Representative 2017 - June 2018)

Graduate School Faculty

Scientific Panel

The scientific panel consists of two leading researchers in the field of image studies who are not faculty at the University of Basel. The governing panel invites researchers as members of the panel for a term of three years.

Scientific Panel 2017-2020: Prof. Dr. Dario Gamboni (Genf) und Prof. Dr. Juliane Vogel (Konstanz)