NOMIS Fellowships

The generosity of the NOMIS Foundation has made three annual fellowships for advanced scholars at the Zentrum –eikones possible. The NOMIS Fellowship Program supports groundbreaking research projects related to how images act as models or paradigms in scientific and aesthetic contexts. We are interested in the fundamental ways images serve as instruments for making complex structures visible and accessible to interpretation.

In both aesthetic and experimental settings, images often assume an exemplary character, aiding epistemic and learning processes. They fulfill evidential, didactic, and symbolic functions, and thereby produce different forms of knowledge. Relevant topics of research might consider, for example, the history and theory of imaging techniques in the natural sciences; the ideals and stereotypes that shape social contexts and political discussions; or the formation and dissolution of canons, iconograp)hies, character types, and styles in the arts. On the methodological side, projects are rooted in a specific research field, and reflect on the relation between their individual discipline and image studies.

The fellowships will allow outstanding scholars and scientists to pursue their research free from teaching and administrative obligations. Fellows are in residence at eikones in Basel and contribute to the advancement of its research.

 Fellowships are advertised beginning in September of each year.