26 Oct 2021 - 27 Oct 2021
10:00  - 13:00


eikones - Zentrum für die Theorie und Geschichte des Bildes, Universität Basel

Öffentliche Veranstaltung

Reality, Presence and Vision: Inside the Pictorial Space

Organized by Gabriele Ferretti, with contributions by: Jérôme Dokic; Gabriele Ferretti; Luisa Krauss, Celin Ott, Klaus Opwis, Andrea Meyer, Jens Gaab; Mohan Matthen; Bence Nanay; Paolo Spinicci; Dhanraj Vishwanath; Alberto Voltolini


What is the peculiarity of the visual state we are in when we see an object in a picture? What is the difference between this visual state and the one we are in when we see a concrete material object? By means of which mechanisms do we ascribe the presence for interaction to ordinary objects, and why don’t we to depicted objects? Moreover, what is the nature of the mental states which allow us to represent a reality populated by mind independent, concrete objects, occupying a spatial portion of the external environment? Finally, how do we visually distinguish between these material objects, represented as real, and depicted contents in a pictorial space? These are some of the questions the conference will tackle.

The conference will take place on October 26–27, 2021, at the eikones Forum and will not be broadcast online
There is a limited number of seats available. Registration mandatory until 18.10.2021 (eikones@clutterunibas.ch), spots will be allocated after receipt of registration. 
The event will be held in accordance with the Corona measures at the University of Basel, wearing masks is mandatory. 

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