23 Nov 2023
17:00  - 20:00

Forum, eikones, Rheinsprung 11

Media History/CH Network, Anne-Katrin Weber, Markus Krajewski, Gabriele Balbi

Public event, Congress / Conference / Symposium

Death Ships. The Dark Side of the Oceanic Turn

The so-called oceanic turn describes the current interest of various disciplines in the ocean as an “elemental medium” – as a source of inspiration for the arts and (environmental) humanities.


Media historian and philosopher Friedrich Balke (Ruhr Universität Bochum) will delve into this topic and ask about the “dark side of the oceanic turn”.

The keynote lecture is the opening of the two-day workshop A Media History in n+1 Sources, the third Workshop of the network Media History/CH, which brings together media scholars, historians, archivists, curators and others. The keynote lecture is open to all students and other interested people.  

The keynote is followed by an Apéro riche.To facilitate the organization of the apéro, please send a short registration (name, number of persons) to info@cluttermediahistory.ch. Thank you very much!

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