12 Apr 2024
18:15  - 19:45

Forum eikones, Rheinsprung 11, 4051 Basel

David Bucheli, Paula Stoica, Jaronas Scheurer, Conrad Mattli

Öffentliche Veranstaltung

Beyond Resolution

Keynote lecture with Rosa Menkman mit anschliessendem Apéro im Rahmen des Workshops "Ästhetik und Politik der Sichtbarmachung" vom 13. April 2024


Imagine you could obtain an 'impossible' image of any object or phenomenon that you think is important, with no limits on spatial, temporal, energy, signal/noise or cost resolutions. What image would you create? (the answer can be a hypothetical image of course!)

This was the question I asked every scientist I spoke to during my Arts at CERN/Collide Barcelona residency (2019-2020). The answers to the question gave me an incredibly rich and stimulating database of perspectives, not just on how resolutions play a vital role in our understanding and perception of the world, but also into the different understandings of impossibility. Some of these images would have never found their way to our eyes; they would have remained impossible, only to exist in hypothetical realms. In my talk I will take this deeper into the speculative realms of impossibility, but also tie it back in to my "Resolution Studies". Resolution studies involves theory about the setting of standards and the studies of compromised, other (speculative) possibilities. Resolution studies occupies a space connected to protocol, the interface effect, materiality, habit and genealogical media theory.


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