12 Jun 2024
09:00  - 13:15

Forum eikones, Rheinsprung 11, 4051 Basel

eikones - Zentrum für die Theorie und Geschichte des Bildes, Universität Basel, Masha Goldin

Kongress / Tagung / Symposium, Workshop

Breaking Visual Traditions in Pre-Modernity: Primary Sources Workshop

In this workshop we seek to explore instances of deviation, split or departure from visual norms. Participants will engage in discussions based on focused presentations of primary sources that describe, explore or react to irregular visual expressions, or that in themselves embody such moments of visual rupture. The workshop encourages exploration of both images that surpass traditional visual norms and non-conformist visual practices. This includes actions such as handling objects in “wrong” ways, erecting monuments in unexpected locations, appropriating conventional visual forms for innovative content, and other similar practices that break with established visual traditions. The overarching goal is to foster a deeper understanding of historical instances of violation of visual standards.



Carolin Behrmann (Ruhr-Universität Bochum)

Georgios Binos (Ruhr-Universität Bochum)

Masha Goldin (Universität Basel)

Thomas Rainer (Universität Zürich)

Martin Schwarz (Universität Basel)


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