20 Apr 2021
18:00  - 19:30

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Jakub Stejskal, Nomis-Fellow

Öffentliche Veranstaltung

Images in Space (with Zainab Bahrani, Columbia)

Concept by Jakub Stejskal, Nomis-Fellow


Modern Western reflections on the nature of images have predominantly focused on pictures, that is, images on flat surfaces, as paradigmatic examples of depiction. Discussions of images with three-dimensional supports have thus often been derivative or completely sidestepped. The aim of this series of talks is to shift focus to three-dimensional images ‘in the round’ like sculptures, figurines, or models, and to investigate the specifics, whatever they may be, that issue from their 3D nature. Of interest will be anthropological, historical, as well as philosophical approaches. Some of the relevant questions include: In what aspects has a production/reception/circulation of spatial images differed from pictures? Is thereanything specific about 3D image vehicles that a depiction theory should reflect? How have various histories and anthropologies of images succeeded or failed to recognize the difference?

Abstract: Methexis as Movement: the image beyond pictoriality and the legacy of colonial art histories of the east (from Zainab Bahrani)
This lecture takes methexis as a way to unhinge the processes of representation relied upon in art historical explanatory models. With an aim to disrupt and trouble this field of knowledge, it takes the position that stepping out of pictorial space is both a way to give due attention to the early forms of sculptural presence in Mesopotamia, and also to step out of the constraints and limits of a fraught discourse of ancient art and aesthetics that is weighted by its own colonial history.

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